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  • 3M ACRYLIC FOAM 5066 _10mm x 16.5M_1.1mm THICK (16.5M/Roll)

    Availability: 115 in stock

    $9.70 $8.66 excl. g.s.t

    ITEM CODE : SA 9612

    Enhanced Function
      • Double-side.
      • Can be used on textured surfaces, such as painted cement or brick.
      • High-strength core maintains a thin, consistent bond line.
      • Easy liner release.
      • Perfect to use on LED strip mounting at indoor or outdoor
  • 3M VHB TAPE 4910 _12mm x 16.5M_1mm THICK (16.5M/Roll)

    Availability: 25 in stock

    $31.05 $26.31 excl. g.s.t

    ITEM CODE : SA 9613

    Enhanced Function
      • Double-side
      • Clear material is ideal for joining transparent material
      • 3M VHB Tape adhesive formula bonds and seals on contact with no drying time
      • Virtually invisible fastening helps keep surfaces smooth, with no unsightly rivet heads or weld marks
      • High dynamic stress absorption reduces vibration and impact stress
  • 3M VHB TAPE 4950 _12mm x 15M_1.1mm THICK (15M/Roll)

    Availability: 62 in stock

    $29.88 $24.27 excl. g.s.t

    ITEM CODE : SA 9611

    Enhanced Function
      • Double-side.
      • Closed-cell acrylic foam tape with a paper liner.
      • 3M VHB Tapes are the industry leader in construction and signage
      • Bonds to a wide variety of surfaces including : glass, metal, plastics, etc..
      • Ideal for general Industrial, Interior Fitout and Signage applications.
      • Indoor & outdoor use
      • Excellent moisture and solvent resistance

    Availability: 96 in stock

    $19.95 excl. g.s.t

    ITEM CODE : SA 9484

    Enhanced Function
      • 2 Part All Plastic Superglue : 1-Activator & 2-All plastic glue
      • Bonds difficult plastics such as polyethelyne, polypropylene and ABS
      • Easy application with no mixing
      • Sets in seconds, forms a cold bond
      • Dries transparent

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