Hello there!  Ever wondered about the differences between 24V LEDs and their 12V counterparts? Well, you're in for a treat! We'll guide you on why 24V LEDs might just be the better choice compared to the 12V ones. And guess what? It's not just about brightening up your space – it's also about saving some serious cash too! So, let's chat about how making the switch could light up your projects while keeping your wallet happy.

Firstly, Utilisation of Power Supplies

With a 24V, you can utilize the full wattage of power supplies. For instance, consider the case where you require a 600 wattage power supply.

Using the HLG 600H (Meanwell power supply) as an example:

  • HLG 600H 12V can reach 480W at 100% loading.
  • HLG 600H 24V can utilize the full 600W capacity at 100% loading.

In other words, the 24V version can handle the full 600W without breaking a sweat. That means you're getting more bang for your buck with the 24V setup.

Secondly, Costs saved in both initial investment and operational expenses.
Let's imagine the scenario of using 555 LED modules(1.08 Wattage)

If you're going the 12V route and you need 555 modules, you're looking at a total amp usage that's over 40 Amps! (Total 49.95A)

That's a lot of power. You'd need to grab Three HLG 320H 22A 12V power supplies to keep things running smoothly, costing approximately $387.
But hold on a sec. If you opt for the 24V LED modules instead, you'll only need One HLG 600H 25A 24V power supply to handle the job, costing approximately $282.
Thus, the cost savings are approximately $100. If you need more LEDs, you will be saving even more. ​


In summary, opting for 24V LEDs over 12V LEDs offers power supply utilisation advantages and potential cost savings. By utilizing a higher voltage, you can make more efficient use of power supplies and reduce the overall number required for a given setup, leading to cost efficiencies in both initial investment and operational expenses.

Looking for 24V LEDs? It's a smart move. You'll save money, and hassle, and make the most out of your setup. Have a look at our range of 24V LEDs below.